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The Jewish Women’s Theater of South Florida was born out of a frustration with the dearth of creative outlets for artistically gifted observant Jewish women in our area. Our Jewish community has many talented women who have not been able to further develop and express their creative abilities.  Jewish Women's Theater of South Florida's inaugural initiative shows a deep sensitivity to all Jewish women’s religious perspectives and allows creative expression. Our goal is to showcase Jewish women’s talents, for women, by women on an annual basis with top quality dramatic and musical performances for an all-female audience.​

There are two major barriers for Jewish observant women to use their given talents in the performing arts. Halachic guidelines of “Kol Isha” (the prohibition of hearing of women’s voices in song) observed by most Orthodox Jewish women, prevents them from singing before a mixed audience. The second is Shabbat observance.  Virtually all productions schedule rehearsals and their shows on Shabbat, precluding these talented women from participating. Jewish Women’s Theater never schedules rehearsals or performances on Shabbat or Jewish holidays. This sensitivity to Orthodox Jewish women’s observance as well as an all female cast, backstage and audience, will create a beautiful Jewish women’s creative and collaborative community in the South Florida area.

Stage Curtains

Jewish Women’s Theater of South Florida was founded by these passionate women who wanted to offer opportunities for Jewish women to perform without worrying about Sabbath observance or the prohibition of women singing before men.  Jewish Women’s Theater of South Florida is dedicated to the development, promotion and inclusion of women in all aspects of theater production.


Founding Committee:


Rachel Benveniste    Goldie Berman   Sarah Florans

Sara Gottlieb            Reva Homnick     Talia Lamet

Adina Stilerman        Yael Zweig


Please see an article about us in The Jewish Voice and Opinion 


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